What is Conductive Education?

"The child doesn't bring potential into the world with them; it is created, nurtured and developed through the system of CE."

– (Brown 2018)

Conductive Education (CE) was developed in the 1940's in Hungary, at what became known as the "Pető Institute". At its most basic level, CE is a comprehensive system that focuses on developing and nurturing the abilities of children or adults with neurological, impaired, or delayed movement problems, through a structured biopsychosocial model of teaching and learning.

The National Institute of Conductive Education describes CE as “based on a ‘simple’ concept of human potential”. Our philosophy is that every child, regardless of their starting point, has the ability to learn and thrive and will be given the opportunity to maximise their potential.

CE provides a positive, relaxed, nurturing and encouraging environment, based on mutual trust and respect.

In CE, teaching begins with the belief in the child and starts with the child’s current abilities. Your child will be an active participant in learning skills and solving their own unique challenges. Every achievement, no matter how big or small, is celebrated.

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CE focuses on all aspects of the child’s development. The sessions provide opportunities for the children to play; interact; develop motor and self-care skills; and solve problems which may arise in personal and social situations. The programme enables the children to acquire knowledge and develop their senses, perception, awareness, values, and communication skills. Our primary goal in CE is to help the children become motivated and determined individuals in order to counter the physical and social barriers they face in their everyday lives.

In CE, you and your child will be on this learning journey together, always with our support and guidance. Although we work together in small groups, we develop a plan that is centred around each individual child and their needs.

The skills you and your child will learn in CE will become a part of your child’s development and this will help to transfer these skills to help and support you in your everyday lives.

Social interaction is an important part of Conductive Education. Children play, bond, form friendships and learn from each other. Families will have time to meet, talk, share, laugh, support with others who understand.