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There are many great websites that hold a wealth of information for families with disabled children. We’ve linked some of the most useful ones here.

Conductive Education Fact Sheet for professionals

Referring a Child

Who can access our service?

Steps is here to support children with many complex conditions including mobility delay, motor disorders, developmental delay and neurological disorders. The children that Steps helps can have a wide range of needs and for that reason there is no strict criteria for accessing our help, we do not decide whether Conductive Education is suitable based on diagnosis. We prefer to meet with you and your child and have a relaxed discussion to decide whether we can help.

We understand how difficult it can be for parents to reach out for help, many families come to Steps not knowing where to turn and are in a dark place. We are here to show you the way out of that dark place and help you find joy and happiness with the right support in place.

Nothing! Steps is a charity and our service is totally free. We operate purely on donations, grants and fundraising.

Anyone! families can contact us directly to refer themselves and we can also be approached by professionals involved in the child’s care. Simply call us or send us an email using the details at the bottom of this page and one of our skilled staff will be in touch to discuss the child’s needs. Many families find out about Steps through word of mouth via friends and family, we have no strict referral criteria so please do get in touch.

We invite all new families to come along to a session to see what we do, you can take part as much or as little as you like and really get a feel for whether Steps fits your child’s needs.

At Steps, we are always keen to link up with other professionals involved in a child’s care. We take a holistic approach to the meeting the needs of the child, adapting our tasks and activities to their individual needs.

We welcome visits from professionals so that we can demonstrate the work that we do, we also accept students on placement and can offer work experience placements too.

To arrange a visit, please contact us here