Where to start with Steps? The most magical and wonderful place we have had the pleasure of being a part of for many years now! A place that accepted us instantly, understood the daily challenges we faced with Leo's Cerebral Palsy & Autism, and welcomed us like family members.

Once you get a diagnosis like Cerebral Palsy, you’re often in a clinical setting and told all the things your child will find difficult or not be able to ever achieve due to their condition. I remember a small folder was given to me with some information but mainly told to look online for support. It very much feels like you’re just a number, just an appointment they had that day and then you’re left with the weight of the world on your shoulders to figure it all out yourself somehow. The part that stands out to me still, is how they graded Leo’s CP and the words they used to describe it to me (within 20 minutes of meeting him!). Leo had a number given to him that was between 1-5 (1 being ‘un-coordinated at schools sports day’ and 5 being ‘their whole life in a wheelchair and little head control’) this was before any physio or interactions with Leo!

Luckily, I was told about Steps! Somewhere that focuses first on your child’s strengths, passions, likes and dislikes and then uses all of this to encourage independence, maximise potential and gives you hope! A place that scooped me up when I felt at rock bottom and gave me the tools to help Leo still to this day! (he’s 5 now at school)

Conductive Education is a method of learning with the concept of human potential, and that everyone has the capability to learn irrespective of their starting point basically. Rather than giving Leo a number that dictates his level of independence, they got to know him and me, and taught us fun ways of incorporating crucial tasks for him to learn basic but life changing skills. By changing our outlook on what therapy for people with motor disorders could be (subtle play rather than stressful set times) and introducing fun and engaging songs that taught him how to fall safely, within weeks he was rolling and sitting independently cross legged! His confidence grew alongside mine and gave us so much hope for our future! He thoroughly enjoyed his sessions, even digitally during Covid-19! So much so, he’s still trying to call Indila on zoom on his iPad most days.

Not only did they offer such extensive knowledge to me, but so much emotional support too! I am forever grateful for our Steps family, and for the kindness and amazing positivity we received from them. A place filled with passionate staff and wonderful families supporting each other. They were a lifeline to me and Leo and we will do our very best to support them in the future for the next Steps superstars!