My son's key teacher at preschool told me all about Steps, Indila and how her disabled daughter had progressed at Steps over 20 years ago!

Stamen was the first of twin boys and is now 3 years old. He has Global developmental delay, low muscle tone and joint laxity. He is also not walking yet and is non-verbal.

We had all of the necessary specialists involved, but we felt we needed more practical help and felt it was important to have this intervention as early as possible. Something that could be a weekly therapy, along with horse therapy and swimming, so he can be challenged to catch up with his development.

Stamen’s disability has had a significant impact, it’s the constant worry about him, the guilt, are we doing all we can and beyond to help him progress and be well. I worry if others treat him with care and respect when we are not around. I am unable to go back to work, as sleeping at night isn’t consistent, also the boys need close supervision at all times, I am signing up for workshops, seminars and courses, to gain more knowledge, that might be useful to give a better understanding and care for Stamen.

When I first visited Steps I felt completely overwhelmed but so full of hope!

Steps has been amazing for Stamen, he is more open to new environments and people compared with when he started. I am so happy to see him feeling more confident and welcome at Steps, he is celebrated there. He is now more interested and focussed in variety of toys, instruments, activities. He is now successfully managing the parallel bars and the K-walker.

We are so thankful to his Steps teachers, who offered them to him and supported him in all ways possible to progress, every single step he made.

Steps has also been fantastic for me, allowing me to make connections with other parents in similar situations to mine.